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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer funding for development? A: We are unable to offer full funding for projects at this time due to our limited budget. However, we may be able to assist potential partners with crowdfunding campaign management.
Q: What types of content/genre do you look for in submissions? Is it okay if my game has R-18 elements? A: We are open to narrative-based games in all sorts of genres so long as the storefront you want us to publish to allows that content (ie. Mobile storefronts such as Google Play do not allow for explicit R-18 works). We will not work with games which glorify hate speech, discrimination, violence against minorities, or other such content. We will not work with other companies that utilize or are involved with blockchain, Web3, crypto technologies, and/or AI art generation as part of the development process. At this time, we'd love to see more games that feature queer & trans characters in prominent roles.
Q: What engine/programming language do you port games for? A: Please note that we primarily work with the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. We cannot guarantee our ability to port for other engines.
Q: Can I submit my noncommercial game to be published on mobile or Steam? A: When submissions are open, we will accept noncommercial games of any length to be published on mobile storefronts. Please note that games that can be reasonably completed in under 2 hours without paid bonus content may not be suitable for Steam due to the cost associated with the app submission process.
Q: Can I submit my game to be published now? A: At this time, our submissions for new games to be considered are closed due to our limited budget. When slots open up, we will post a call for submissions.
Q: What happens if I want to take over the distribution of any games I initially published with you? A: Our publishing agreements have easy sunset/exit clauses baked into them that allow you to take back your distribution rights at any time; just let us know and we'll work with you to start the paperwork.

New Game Submission Status: Closed

Questions? Comments? Want to connect? Email us at projectenso.publishing@gmail.com.